About us

Matrix with the 3 labs of the ESI Application Center as columns and the 3 research areas of FAU ESI (Embedded AI, Post Silicon Technologies and Open Source Hardware)

The FAU Research Center Embedded Systems Initiative (FAU ESI) is a central scientific institution of FAU.

A research center is closely linked to FAU’s overarching research priorities and is active in at least one joint project. A research center is also limited to a term of seven years and has the opportunity to establish itself as a profile center within this period.
An overview of all FAU profile, research and competence centers can be found on the FAU research profile website.

FAU ESI was founded on 01.01.2022, based on the Interdisciplinary Center for Embedded Systems, which existed from 2007 to 2021. It acts as a pioneer and incubator for basic research in the field of design, design automation and applications of future electronic embedded hardware/software systems. Its research activities are initially focused on three areas Embedded AI, Post Silicon Technologies, and Open Source Hardware .

FAU ESI currently has 20 members from 16 different chairs, 6 departments and 3 faculties (see Participants).